Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Phrasal Verbs

5B Situation
You've been studying the phrasal verbs with your class and they need more practice.
What are the advantages of using this activity rather than a similar one in the coursebook? Any disadvantages?

It presents the task clearly before and after: students can clearly see the gaps where they are supposed to fill In the words.
Provides answers and correction scheme: and explains correct usage with brief notes.
Doesn't explain why answers might be wrong - no diagnosis of Incorrect answers (Ie why students might have answered as they did). This element would be more manageable In class.
Adds element of competition, and students can manage their own Improvements.
Quite 'self-centred' - difficult for students to check In pairs

Comments about this site
Large site on English language
Many links (too many?) with exercise on all aspects of English (vocab, grammar), games (word searches, crosswords, games).
Lots of levels

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